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Translated by Isabel Pitman


Harsh reality and raw sensitivity - that is what it's all about.

Kumulus offers an eminently political genre of theatre that draws on topical issues, and urges the audience to reflect on the world through varying forms of staging, which hold up a mirror to the downward slide of a modern society gone astray.  Therefore productions such as The Squames (Les Squames), Homeless (SDF), Everything is OK (Tout Va Bien) and Lease for Sale (Bail à Céder) are performed in public spaces in the thick of the action, to bring members of the audience face to face with the reality of their everyday lives.

Over the past decade, Barthélemy Bompard has produced works such as as End(s)less Route (Itinéraire sans fond(s)) Deafening silence (Silence encombrant) and Naufrage that are all essentially based on the expressiveness of gesture, sound and image, imbued with a metaphorical slant and  dreamlike aesthetic that harks back to expressionist theatre.


The Kumulus Theatre Company is subsidised by the French Ministry of Culture / D.R.A.C. (French Regional Cultural Affairs Authority), and works with the support of the Auvergne Rhône-Alpes Region and the Drôme Department.

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Kumulus presents Cirque Cumulus







                                  Next production for 2019



It is about a theatre director and his performers «on the downward slope» daring to create a circus show.


They are used to laying themselves bare in front of an audience. And today, they have nothing left to lose. Bursting with life and shaking up the everyday, they are prepared to juggle, even in crutches, and let everything go.


With their bodies ravaged by years of living as street performers, their weary joints worn away, they invent unusual, moving and funny acts that push the boundaries, walk on a knife-edge and take your breath away, as you keep your eyes fixed on the performer who might fall at any second without a safety net.



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