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End(s)less Route originally sprang from a desire to address the notion of exodus as a social phenomenon,
to look at the idea of man when faced with his own psychological and physical uprooting and explore its nature, to pose fundamental questions about otherness and identity…. as well as underlining the human being’s prodigious aptitude for life.

In a remote place, with a couple of bare light bulbs, ten or so cans of food lie in the dimness. There, ten people with moonlike faces are all doing their very best to tell their own stories with the help of a few objects that they carry with them in shoeboxes, the only remaining vestiges of a lost era.
We are elsewhere and everywhere at the same time. You will barely ever find out what they are escaping from, and maybe you won’t even understand as their reasons are so different and their experiences so disparate. But you will find yourself knee-deep in the middle of what they are living right at that moment, bringing with you your own doubts and illusions. Because throughout the performance, whether you like it or not, you are part of the journey.


a show by Barthélemy Bompard
written by Barthélemy Bompard & Sandrine Roche
artistic direction Barthélemy Bompard
objective eye Hervé Lebeau

created and performed by Eric Blouet, Thérèse Bosc, Barthélemy Bompard, Jean-Pierre Charron, Stéphane Civet, Céline Damiron, Marie-Pascale Grenier, Gabriel Levasseur, Cyril Levi-Provençal, Dominique Moysan & Judith Thiebaut

sound work Gabriel Levasseur
set designer Dominique Moysan
costume designer Marie-Cécile Winling
technical production David Antore & Djamel Djerboua
our thanks to
Marie Vayssière for her invaluable help

Arts promotion and financial aids

End's)less Route is a coproduction in partbership with the Scène nationale d’Annecy, Amiens Métropole - Le Hangar, Les Pronomade(s) en Haute-Garonne, Festival international de théâtre de rue d’Aurillac, Culture Commune - scène nationale de Loos-en-Gohelle, Lieux publics - Centre National de Création des Arts de la Rue, l’Atelier 231 - Sotteville-lès-Rouen, l’Abattoir de Chalon-sur-Saône, Kumulus and the Association Beaumarchais. (Barthélemy Bompard and Sandrine Roche received the Beaumarchais award for writting this work).

With the support of D.M.D.T.S.,  D.R.A.C. Rhône-Alpes, Institut français, Région Rhône-Alpes, Centre Culturel français de Belgrade,  Centre Culturel français de Skopje and the Service de Coopération et d’Action Culturelle de Tirana.

video pictures

video of End(s)less Route - Marc Guiochet - 13'57

itinéraire sans fond(s)
itinéraire sans fond(s) itinéraire sans fond(s)
itinéraire sans fond(s) itinéraire sans fond(s) itinéraire sans fond(s)
itinéraire sans fond(s)  

press reviews

Bizarroide / Weird


End(s)less Route – A letter of thanks.

Here are a few words of thanks to all the actors from Kumulus, to say how grateful we are to you for exposing this reality to us, for letting us see it and live it, in all its full crude, brutal and violent force. That reality which belongs to all those people that we see on our TV screens every night (images which have now become anodyne to us and just part of our daily TV diet); and there we are all warm and cosy, snuggled up with soft cushions on the sofa; and there they are being herded into Red Cross tents, or collapsed in a heap in front of their homes that have been turned to ruin, faces weeping, or simply staring out blankly into space.  "What is your name? How old are you? It’s for the TV…". Thank you for denouncing the way in which these human dramas have simply become a feature of daily life, splashed across the news bulletins and headlines without any consideration. Thank you for pointing the finger at our indecent behaviour. Thank you for giving a name to these men and women.

Thank you, the woman who opened up her box and her heart, you who freely spilled out your agony as a childless mother, thank you for letting me sift through the rubble of who you are. And thanks to you, Sergio, for your moving and sparkling vision of life, for your childlike view, all softly stroked with the scarf that was hand-embroidered by your wife, who was left behind in your country. There was nothing you could do, or maybe did she also disappear beneath the collapse of part of your past?

What we will remember from the evening we spent with you is not just the sadness of each of your own personal stories, but moreover your intense eyes, the warmth of your presence as well as the warmth of your songs, and an unbelievable will to live….yet also an adamantly cheerful feeling for celebration (how else can we interpret the unexpectedly sudden breakout into dance that you put on for us?) Rest assured that we came away from our visit to Charleroi with a deep-seated memory that will remain vivid and moving.

Le Monde

Catherine Bédarida

The meeting point is the train station at Aurillac, before setting off on a bitter journey with the Kumulus theatre company. Here in this no-mans-land of disused railway lines and deserted footbridges is where End(s)less Route is performed, a work inspired by the current exodus of refugees and illegal immigrants. And just like them, the actors and the members of the audience all mingle together, wandering about this abandoned site that is the only place that is willing to welcome these men and women who have been thrown out from everywhere else. Muttering in Slavic tones, they tell the story of what they have lost, they talk of their hopes, they cry, they sing or they keep warm huddled around a tiny fire.
Each of them carries a box with them, containing their most precious items that they were able to throw inside before leaving their homes and fleeing -  a pair of shoes, a bit of earth, a doll. Scattered about in several different places, the members of the cast compel the people in the audience to roam after them, and to find themselves gathered together in little groups, listening to one or two of the actors as they show their personal trophies.


Allen voran Kumulus mit End(s)less Route, den Reiserouten ohne Geld und ohne Ende. Ordner führen das Publikum auf ein brach liegendes Gelände, wo ein Flüchtlingslager entstanden ist. Ein fiktiver Ort, denn die Vertrieben stammen aus diverse, Epochen und Kulturen. Einer floh aus Tschernobyl, des andere kommt aus dem Kosovo. Ein Jüdin entkam dem Warschauer Ghetto und auch ein Afrikaner ist dabei. Der Zuschauer wandert nach Belieben zwischen Lagerfeuern und Matratzenlagern und lauscht den Geschichten. Sitzen kann er auf leeren Konservendosen. Später wandern auch die Flüchtlingsfiguren und kreuzen die Wege des Publikums. Spielen gar einige Szenen. In einer verstoßen sie musikalisch eine Leidensgenossin, die das Pech hat Zigeunerin zu sein. Wie alle Straßentheaterkompanien setzen Kumulus hier auf die Kraft des emotionalen Erlebens.

technical requirements

performance specifications

The show involves a touring company of a total of 14 people, including 10 actors, one director, two stage technicians and one producer.

equipment needed

10 wooden pallets (not chipboard)
If performing on tarmac, 10 sand shovels    
3 extension leads, each 50 m long (30 amps)
4 fire extinguishers
Electrical connection (if possible)

performance area

A “no man’s land” on the outskirts of a town, for example a disused train station, a forest, a stretch of train tracks, a quarry, an industrial wasteland…
Performance space measuring 30 metres by 20 metres minimum.
Transport is needed to bring the audience (a total capacity for 200 people) to the performance venue, depending on how far away it is. A reception area is also needed, located about 300 metres away, where the audience can meet on arrival.
Lorry access is needed for a 12-ton vehicle.
It is vital for a location check to be carried out in advance, (estimate provided on request).

stage set-up

The stage set-up takes place the day before the performance,
(between 9 a.m. and midday). 
Two extra helpers are needed to assist with the set-up and breakdown.

performer's need

The show is performed at night, and lasts around 1 hour, 45 minutes.
A backstage area (50 m2) situated nearby is needed to accommodate 11 people, and to include shower and toilet facilities, tables, chairs and mirrors.
Catering (sandwiches, water, fruit, coffee, tea…) is requested backstage before the performance, as well as 11 big bottles of water.


Quiet accommodation is to be provided for 14 people in a calm area, preferably in the town centre (near the performance aera), in a 2-star hotel minimum (4 twins , 2 doubles , 1 single).
2 stage technicians arrive two evenings before the performance, and the remaining 12 members of the company arrive the previous day, before lunch.
For meal requirements, one member of the compagny doesn't eat dairy products.

previous dates

In France

Le Channel – Scène Nationale, Calais (62)
Bonlieu – Scène Nationale, Annecy (74)
Festival Coup de Chauffe, Cognac (16)
Espaces Pluriels - Scène conventionnée danse-théâtre, Pau (64)
Le Boulon – Pôle régional des arts de la rue, Vieux Condé (59)
Festival Z’artsUp - Scène Nationale, Béthune (62)
L’Espal – Scène conventionnée, Le Mans (72)
Festival de Chalon dans la Rue - CNAR, Chalon-sur-Saône (71)
Festival international de théâtre de rue d’Aurillac - CNAR, Aurillac (15)
Festival Viva Cité – CNAR, Sotteville-lès-Rouen (76)
Festival Cratère Surfaces - Scène Nationale, Alès (30)
Saison des Pronomade(s) en Haute-Garonne - CNAR, Tournefeuille (31)
et Montréjeau (31)
Festival Les Invites, Villeurbanne (69)
Festival Furies, Châlons-en-Champagne (51)
Festival Art Mixte, Murviel-Lès-Montpellier (34)
Festival Chaud Dehors, Aubagne (13)
Festival Itinérance Rue, Paris (75)
Festival Qu’ils crèvent, les artistes, Clermont (63)
Festival de rue, Ramonville (31)
Festival Fête de la Ville, Amiens (80)
La Rampe - Scène conventionnée danse et musiques, Echirolles (38)
Saison de Quelques p’Arts… le SOAR - Pôle régional de création
et de diffusion des Arts de la Rue
, Annonay (07)


Festival Tollwood, Munich (Germany)
Festival Straßen Theater, Detmold (Germany)
Festival No string attached, Mainz (Germany)
Festival KIT - Københavns Internationale Teater, Copenhagen (Denmark)
Festival Zomer van Antwerpen, Anvers (Belgium)
Festival de Teatro y Artes de Calle, Valladolid (Spain)
Festival Perspectives, Saarbrucken (Germany)
Festival Bis Arts, Charleroi (Belgium)
Festival Les Unes fois d’un soir, Ath (Belgium)

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