Tout va bien



Imagine if right now

all the countless advertising hoardings
that line the pavements
suddenly sprang to life.

That simply by the power of your gaze, you could make them come alive, and moreover the images they showed you weren’t quite perhaps what you were expecting...

Imagine the city becoming a place of pure fiction, just for a moment,
yet long enough to let you rediscover the magic of seeing the world,
and regain that vital element of subjectivity in your eyes.

Imagine in this fictional world that the city has become,
that you come to a bend in the road and find your identity,
there on the street corner, your clear-sightedness,
and just at your feet, on the edge of the pavement,
all your desires piled up in a heap.

And what if this fantasy was none other than your own
reality, the reality that is stolen away from you every day, every bit more?


a show by Barthélemy Bompard
artistic direction Barthélemy Bompard assisted by Jean-Marc Colet

created and performed by Armelle Bérengier, Dominique Bettenfeld,
Eric Blouet, Barthélemy Bompard, Jean-Marc Colet, Céline Damiron,
Gabriel Levasseur & Judith Thiébaut

design office Dominique Moysan
set designer Dominique Moysan
costume designer Claire Salmon Legagneur assisted by Françoise Lefèvre

dressing Marie-Cécile Winling or Catherine Sardi
technical production Djamel Djerboua & Dominique Moysan

Arts promotion and financial aids

ADAMI, "Chalon dans la rue", Kumulus and with the town of Saint-Gaudens. This show was developed in residence in Aurillac, and was produced for the "Furies" street theatre fesival in  Châlons-en-Champagne (June 1999).

video pictures

Video of "Everything is OK" - 07'02 - Marc Guiochet

tout va bien tout va bien
tout va bien tout va bien
tout va bien tout va bien

press reviews


Gwénola David

We walk past it every day. Unconsciously our gaze is caught by the shapely curve of a breast, by gleaming blond ‘Because I’m worth it’ hair, or by blue Caribbean skies….
And then one day, that whole parade of signs suddenly becomes disrupted. Acting wholly out of character the images start to come to life and speak, taking a step away from their formatted string of pre-programmed messages that usually sell us consumer desire. Real characters, as large as life, start calling out to us, their bodies trapped between the two ‘Triplex’ panes of glass of the Decaux pavement ad stand: an old lady eaten up by loneliness, a young woman flogging hair, dental crowns and kneecaps, her best assets, a cosmetics saleswoman peddling her miracle products, a ‘Mr Detergent’…. All of a sudden, ‘reality’ seeps inside these blandly sterile publicity stands, and takes on the form of slices of life captured from moments of humdrum, strange, and fragile humanity. All the fictional worlds that Kumulus presents to us here are a denunciation of the conspiracy of lies that the market system is built on; a system which on the one hand pesters us, but which at the same time also deludes us into thinking that Everything is OK.


Rue de la folie

Thierry Voisin

Huddled up behind the glass panes, real people, flesh and blood, lay out their stories on display for all to share during these so-called ‘performances’. They are so near to the audience that they become not only close, but also one of us. All the people watching can recognize in each character tiny fragments of themselves. Here, things are said straight out: words remain wholly intact, in their fullest form, totally devoid of dialogue.
The actor becomes a go-between, conveying the basic substance of the show which goes beyond words, and encircling the audience which itself become witness to both a fictional world and to the spectators’ own realities. The fact of working with real street furniture as opposed to twisting its original use to different purposes, is what helps turn the story from fiction to reality in the most rapid way. The stranger walking along the street, whether he is a witness for the prosecution or for the defense, whether he is silent or prejudiced, whether in agreement or not, whatever the case, he can run away when he finds himself faced with these strange advertising billboards, frightened by the starkly funny nature of the situations or the disillusioned comic value of its characters. And at that moment the bystander suddenly realizes that ‘Everything is OK’ is simply an ordinary lie, just as fake as all the other usual slogans one usually sees up on posters. Once again, Kumulus punctuates laughter with a serious note.

Having decided to pick out certain familiar characters from previous productions as a cunning way of sneaking into the audience’s everyday lives, (‘Short News Items,’ 1995), Barthélemy Bompard now focuses his work on staging unexpected appearances in urban settings. But this time he brings to the set design a strong sense of aesthetic.  Although he makes a point of bypassing classic notions of theatre, this is not, it would appear, out of any indifference to the genre, nor indeed because he is trying to step away from the epic style and its relentless quest to tell a story, the whole story. No, he wants to remain free to escape dialogue altogether, to create theatre without plays as a better vehicle for displaying fragments of life. He gives free reign to the eloquence of the world, letting it take centre stage, without ever judging or satirizing it. Barthélemy Bompard, alongside his company of actors, is at the helm of one of the most original and fertile literary endeavours (he has created 40 different storylines) this season.


Emmanuelle Bouchez

The actors, living posters, play out their different roles: victims of the power of advertising; the sales rep in pursuit of an ideal; the slave to his mobile phone. Embodying a total of around 40 different characters, they chant their way through the day with 40 warnings to stay on the alert.

La dépêche du midi

J.A Lahocsinsky

If you are already familiar with the Kumulus Theatre Company and its irresistible capacity to lure you in to discover the dirty underside of modern society, in all its inhuman and sterilized glory, then you will be quick to pick up the half-veiled message here. ‘Everything is OK’ is the title of their production that sells itself as a biting satire of how modern life is peppered with adverts. Most of the time we too play a role as real-life characters in a society that increasingly moulds itself on this lifestyle model, in both adverts and images.

Coulisses de la Haute - Auvergne

Since the Kumulus Theatre Company was founded in 1986, a common thread has run throughout all of its productions. Also, the fact that most of the original cast are still with the company today means that the characters can be explored in much greater depth, and with a greater sense of continuity. All of their performances lie along similar lines: a comment on modern lifestyle, on the problems derived from living on top of each other without privacy, and on our judgement of others that inevitably comes with it. As a result, Kumulus always delivers true ‘street’ theatre, as opposed to just ‘theatre in the street,’ putting urbanism at the very heart of the issue.

technical requirements

technical requirements

This show involves a touring company of 12 people in total, including 7 actors, one artistic director, one wardrobe assistant, two stage technicians and one producer.

set provided

6 to 8 billboards in which the actors are contained.
Each billboard is 2.6 m high ×1. 25 m wide ×0.48 m deep.
Surface area covered on the ground : 1 m x 1 m

performance area

The ground must be very hard (tarmac) and very flat.
VERY IMPORTANT : a quiet, shaded area is required without noise, and with no traffic, nor sound system in the vicinity.
Lorry access is needed for a 12-ton vehicle.
If possible, a location check is to be carried out in advance.

stage set-up

Around 4 hours.
Simply consists of setting up the billboards.
If possible, to unload the lorry we would appreciate the use of a motorised Fenwick, provided by the organizers.

performance details

2 hours of performance during the day, preferably scheduled late morning, and a 1-hour performance at night.

dressing rooms

A large backstage area ( 50 m2 at least) is to be located VERY NEAR the perfomance space (200 m away maximum), preferably on the ground floor, and should include one shower minimum, washbasins, toilets, tables, chairs and mirrors.
Catering is to be provided in the dressing rooms before each performance:  bread, ham, cheese, fruit, hot and cold drinks.


Quiet accommodation is to be provided for 12 peoples, preferably in the town centre (near the performing area), in a 2-star hotel minimum (10 singles and 1 doubles)
For meal requirements, one member of the company is vegetarian.

previous dates

In France

Festival Green Days - MA Scène nationale, Montbéliard (25)
Festival Furies
, Châlons-en-Champagne (51)
Festival Les Folies, Maubeuge (59)
Festival des arts de la rue, Terrasson (31)
Festival de Chalon dans la Rue, Chalon-sur-Saône (71)
Festival Ax animation, Ax-les-Thermes (09)
Festival Brouage, Niort (79)
Festival Éclat, Aurillac (15)
Festival Coup de chauffe, Cognac (16)
Festival Zygomates, La-Roche-sur-Yon (85)
Saison des Pronomade(s) en Haute-Garonne- Centre National
des Arts de la Rue,
Carbonne (31)
Bonlieu – Scène Nationale, Annecy (74)
Festival Jour de fête, Créteil (94)
Festival Les Zaccros d’ma rue, Nevers (58)
Festival Les arts dans la rue, Strasbourg (67)
Festival Quartiers Libres, Grenoble (38)
Festival Les Invites, Villeurbanne (69)
Festival Animaijuin, Petit-Quevilly (76)
Festival Les Draguifolies, Montferrat (38)
Festival Les 13 Lunes, Salon-de-Provence (13)
Festival Ile danse, Ajaccio (20)
Festival Les Elvis Platines, Sumène (30)
Saison de Quelques p’Arts… le SOAR - C.N.A.R., Félines (07)
Festival Les Envies Rhônements, Port-Saint-Louis (13)
Rendez-vous sur les Quais, Rouen (76)
Festival Les InsTempsFestifs, Besançon (25)
Festival L’Echappée belle, Blanquefort (33)
Festival Les Uburlesques, Laval (53)
Festival Cergy Soit !, Cergy Pontoise (95)
Rue Libre, Port St Louis (13)
Centre social, Lyon (69)
Festival Parade(s), Nanterre (92)
La folle histoire du théâtre de rue de Karwan, Velaux (13) et
Saint-Rémy de Provence (13)


Programme de l’aéroport, Porto (Portugal)
Festival Serralves em Festa , Porto (Portugal)
Facyl Festival, Salamanca (Spain)
Festival Zomer, Menen (Belgium)
Streetfestival, Vlissingen (Netherlands)
Festival Im Puls, Dornbirn (Austria)
Stockton International Riverside Festival (SIRF), Stockton (England)

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