Bail à céder



It’s dusk, that time of day when everyone is safe at home, and when our private lives, often hidden to some, and sometimes known to others, can’t escape looming to light through the darkness.

It’s at this uncertain hour, half-day, half-night, that a tower block emerges in front the audience. Four floors high, four different domestic scenes, four snapshots of daily life. Four different worlds with nothing in common but a thin layer of concrete : Tatiana’s feet hovering over Madame Zette’s head. Before us lies all that brings them together, and all that sets them apart. One thin layer of concrete. But even then, over the one thing they share, they are divided – one man’s floor will always be another man’s ceiling…


Bail à céder Bail à céder Bail à céder Bail à céder
Bail à céder Bail à céder Bail à céder  

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