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Words heard spoken by a European minister:

“Women make a fuss. Men make history.”

Twanggg! The sound of a guitar pierces the air… and a “molecule” comes on to the stage, covered in earth-coloured fabric. Then more appear: all of them similar looking, yet different to each other in the way they move and the sounds they make. They shift around in different directions, before finally joining together to form one single atom, like a sea anemone. Then 7 heads emerge, singing and dreaming out loud about becoming a superstar, an airplane pilot or president of the whole world…

The stage is then abuzz with different types of music blending percussion with songs sung in Mossi, Dioula and French … and then humanity divides into two separate worlds. This separation of the sexes brings with it a shift in pace that switches between humour and violence. The men are constantly enslaving the women, who willing surrender and greet every act of aggression with open arms. “Yes please!” they say, “I’ll do whatever you ask.” Are they to be under house arrest like this, all caged up, for the rest of their lives?

While the men start having doubts about this division, the women keep busying about cooking, sewing, doing the cleaning and fixing their hair …. until they get hungry and start demanding “Food!”. And as they clamour to be fed, they knock down their prison walls, vent their anger, revolt and demand to be freed. Rap, confrontation and discussion. What kind of world are we gravitating towards here?

artistic director’s statement

As it stands in 2016, women throughout the world are still viewed, to varying degrees, as being inferior to men. The history of men and women has been built on a lie – that of inequality and submission. Is that because men are scared of woman? Or because it’s really women who hold the power?


A show by Barthélemy Bompard.

Artistic direction Barthélemy Bompard.

Created and performed by Armelle Bérengier, Dominique Bettenfeld, Jean-Pierre Charron, Rasmata Kouraogo, Hilaire Nana, Olivier Somé and Maïmouna Tony.

Music composed and performed by Jean-Pierre Charron & Olivier Somé.

Costumes Rokiatou Touré & Marie-Cécile Winling.

Set construction Abdraman Ouedraogo & cie Takara

Arts promotion and financial aids

Arts promotion and financial aids :

ACMUR - Festival Rendez-vous chez nous | Association Siraba | Atelier 231, C.N.A.R. à Sotteville-lès-Rouen |  Coopérative De Rue et De Cirque (2r2c) | Institut Français à Paris | Les Ateliers Frappaz, Centre National des Arts de la Rue et de l’Espace Public (Villeurbanne) | Mairie de Nanterre - Festival Parade(s)| SPEDIDAM.


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Teaser - 2017 - Julien Penichost| 3'03

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press / TV review

Théâtre du Blog

Edith Rappoport

Seven actors, draped in orangey, earth-coloured fabric, stand still together in a group, before gradually spreading out in time to the beat of the drums and percussion. A white singer breaks into a mournful chant. Three Burkinabé women and one European woman finally reveal themselves while moaning, wringing their hands and dancing around in circles. A portly woman suddenly jumps up in the air shouting: “Join in the dance!” Another one straddles another’s back, and they all burst out laughing. The actors are cooped up inside metal cages. What we are witnessing here is the tragedy of women’s imprisonment and female genital mutilation.  “Even death,” they say “is better than being circumcised!”

They sing in Mossi, Dioula and French, and huddle together, clutching each other tightly, before being locked up in huts bound up in sticky tape. They then start hanging out the washing, which brings a joyful, colourful air that looks almost carnival-like. You need to hold out and keep on going, however bad your situation! Amazingly, you can feel a real sense of joy and a life force leaping out from this spectacle of female oppression. The young children sitting with us watching this first showing of the production appeared just as mesmerized as us.  

Following the success of The Squames, Everything is OK, and Lease for Sale, the French theatre company Kumulus has now produced one of its best works ever, charged with the tremendous energy of Africa.

Agence DEKart

Adrien Guillot 

" Série C " is a scathing portrait of women’s place in modern society. It aims to be universal in theme, and not just focus on the difficulties faced by women in Burkina Faso. However, there are parts that do address the country’s issue of violence against women, as well as female circumcision.

Agora Francophone

Jérôme Bationo

« Série C » Kumulus pulls off its latest project with flying colours

Staying true to its collaborative approach, the ACMUR collective, along with its partners, is organising the 8th annual festival “Rendez-vous chez nous” around the concept of creating collective spaces where street artists can unite, bringing together different countries and artistic worlds from both north and south. This year, for the first time ever, “Rendez-vous chez nous” will be presenting exclusive performances and premiering original works that have been developed through collaborations, and artists exchanging ideas and skills. One such example is Kumulus: members of the French theatre company came to spend a month and a half in Bobo-Dioulasso working with artists from the city to create a new production - Série C.

The production

First there was a casting session to select 4 Burkinabé performers. Then there was a 5-week gestation period before “Série C” was brought to life. The title comes from a song by Espoir 2000, a Zouglou band from Côte d’Ivoire, that questions women’s place in different modern societies.

“… We were warned: life is a marathon. But what kind of marathon always puts women at the back? Emancipation. Watch out women of today. … When you put little girls on the journey to school, by the time they reach Year 5, all they want to do is have a career in the “Série C”. Translation of an extract from the song Série C by Espoir 2000.

C as in the first letter of …

…. this song, which refers to jobs that begin with the letter ‘c’ in French, such as needlework (couture) and hairdressing (coiffure), which are considered to be menial, as well as referring to unemployment (chômage). This revealing title is a way for the Ivorian singers to say out loud what certain people think to themselves. In today’s world, women are often viewed, to varying degrees, as being inferior to men.

Is that because “the stronger sex” is scared of the other half of the sky? Or because it’s really women who hold the power? These are just some of the questions posed by Kumulus in its latest work C Set.

In this production … three women and two men stand face to face: two cultures (Western and African) clashing over their views on women’s place in society, over their vision of the world today and in the future, over their revolts and dreams…. We are confronted by a spectacle of verbal jousting, accompanied by live musicians, melding the sounds of guitars, percussion and singing. This is a group work born of true, raw material, namely the collective life experience of each member of the cast.

Tv5 Monde – le journal d’Afrique


Radio Agora – Catherine Portaluppi


technical requirements

technical rider

This show involves a touring company of 9 people in total, including 7 actors, one artistic director and one producer.

space requirements

space: stage area 7 m deep and 14 m wide.

There must be a wall at the back of the stage to reflect back the sound.

Sidewalls would be ideal for the acoustics.

Hard ground surface (tarmac or paving stones) that is flat and level.

Exterior space:calm, traffic-free site (e.g. square, inner courtyard…)

Interior space:theatre, municipal hall etc.

Maximum audience capacity: roughly 300 people.

Minibus access.

Parking facilities are to be provided near the performance space for a 9-seater minibus.

Ideally, a location recce should be carried out in advance.

equipment requirements

Carpet and three step tier for the audience

plan implantation serie c ANGL 470

equipment requirements

3 metal structures measuring 1 m X 1 m X and 2 m high.

stage set-up

1 hr for the stage set-up and 45 mins for the break down

personnel requirements

1 technician needed for the break down.

performance details

The show is to be performed during the day, and lasts roughly 55 mins

dressing rooms

A secure, on-site backstage area (50 m2) is to be provided in the performance area with adequate lighting.

A minimum of 2 power supply connections are be provided inside.

Catering is required backstage before each performance: hot and cold drinks, bread, cheese, ham, fruit, biscuits and large bottles of water.

For meal requirements, one member of the company doesn’t eat gluten, another doesn’t eat meat, and another doesn’t eat dairy products.

previous dates

In France

Festival Viva Cité - C.N.A.R.E.P., Sotteville-lès-Rouen (76)
Festival Les Invites, Villeurbanne (69)
Saison de Pronomade(s) - C.N.A.R.E.P., St-Martory et Fronsac (31)
Saison de Quelques p'Arts… - C.N.A.R.E.P., Villevocance (07) et Lapérouze (26)
Saison de 2R2C, Paris (75)

Festival Parade(s), Nanterre (92)
Festival Cratère Surface - Le Cratère Scène Nationale, Alès (30)

Festival Onze Bouge, Paris (75)

Festival la Rue est à Amiens, Amiens (80)
Festival Festival Eclat(s) de rue, Caen (14)
Spectacle de Grands Chemins en Vallée d'Ax, Ax-les-Thermes (26)
Festival Bizz'art Nomade, Drôme provençale (26)
Saison de la Gare à Coulisse, Eurre (26)
Saison de Moulin Rousse, Rousset-les-vignes (26) 


Festival Rendez-vous chez nous, Ouagadougou et Bobo Dioulasso (Burkina Faso)

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