Les Pendus

les pendus


An executioner, two men, two women. A dramatic and public death. Four done-for bodies stretched tight, hanging on themselves, all slamming-squatting-belching. These are voices that drag themselves from death, defying time. Final words with fists raised, a call to disorder, a hollering wall of laughter… This is the post-mortem cry for freedom which will never stop making itself heard.


a show by Barthélemy Bompard
text written by Nadège Prugnard

performed by Eric Blouet, Barthélemy Bompard, Thérèse Bosc,
Céline Damiron & Nicolas Quilliard

technical production Djamel Djerboua 
Nicolas Gendreau

Arts promotion and financial aids

Kumulus, Le Parapluie – Centre international de création artistique à Aurillac.

video & pictures

Vidéo of " The Hangeg " - 2010 july -  Alice Béthular - 13'41

Les pendus Les pendus
Les pendus Les pendus

press reviews

La Montagne

Fabienne Faurie

A quartet empties its guts

One scaffold, three men, one woman and an executioner. The ropes tighten, the bodies jolt about. A long silence. The words begin to fill the space, spouting forth in an angry flood from the four mouths.

They are spitting their last drops of life to talk of their pain, their fear, their revolt, their frustration, their dream. To keep on protesting to the bitter end and "never give in." It’s as black as death, as ice-cold as loneliness, as stifling as terror. Hanging from those four gallows there is a rebel without a name, with a discontented mouth, barking like a dog ; an Antigone who once again calls everything ceaselessly into question with the refrain "Is love simply just a pledge in the dark ?" ; a north-African haunted by images of the detention camp, who tries to make his exile somehow more liveable by singing a lyrical French song, Petit pain au chocolat and finally an intellectual eaten up by the fact that he will never be able to finish writing tomorrow’s page.

The bodies relentlessly sway back and forth, sweating out their own disintegration : maggots, stench …

What cruelty ! "Life is a dream from which we are awakened by death!" This mournful logorrhoea is what marks out this sense of infinity, this state of the unknown. It is what clings on to the rags of private stories and lives, it is what creeps into the twists and turns of politics. The foreigner, the raped woman, the painfully lonely childhood, the mind in turmoil endlessly searching for the light in his writing. Death won’t gag The hanged. Silence is restored by a life held trapped in the grips of a state of order.

technical requirements

 performance specifications

This show involves a touring company of 8 people in total, including 4 actors, one artistic director, two stage technicians and one producer.

equipment provided

 A stage (6 m /1.20 m /1.10 m) with 4 metal gallows, each 4 m high.

Five microphones for the voices (four DPA 4060 and one SM58) as well as their cabling modules.

 equipment required

Carpet for sitting the public if you haven’t any chairs.

The sound

The sound for the show "The hanged" is essentially a set of five microphones for voice amplification. It is for this reason that we prefer to use a simple and discreet sound distribution system.

4 speakers (2 facing outwards towards the audience + if necessary 2 delay speakers behind the control desk) each standing on 4 legs (2 m high minimum).

If possible, loudspeakers based on a coaxial system are best avoided (MTD 115, MAX 15, APG etc.)

More preferable would be horn speakers like Deltamax Xi or other PS 15 models.

 Digital sound control desk, ideally a LS9 Yamaha console with 16 input channels or a DM 1000.

A stage box with 8 input lines behind the scenes.

If an analog system is provided (instead of a digital sound control desk):

Console (8 input channels with  PAD - 20 dB, phantom power, high-cut crossover, parametric band equalizer; 4 commutable PRE/POST auxiliaries).

A 31-band stereo equalizer, either FCS 960 or DN 360.

A four channel compressor, such as a DPR 404 (no Berhinger equipment please).

A live sound reverb such as an electronic tc M ONE.

A stereo delay line.

The sound control desk is never positioned in the middle of the audience area, but rather stage left of the area (of the tiered seating, if applicable), on the ground !


Performance space to be lit 6 m wide and 5 m deep with one frontlight, plus
uplights and backlights.

performance space

 10 m wide / 6 m deep / 5 m high

performance area

Inside or outside.

If outside : a calm area devoid of traffic, with lorry access for a 3.5-ton vehicle.

stage set-up

Approximately 3 hours for the set-up and 1 hour for the breakdown.

 staff required

2 stagehands.

 performance details

Daytime performance

Duration : 45 mins

dressing rooms

A backstage area (30 m2) is to be located in the performance area
and should include toilet facilities, tables, chairs and mirrors.

Catering is to be provided in the dressing rooms before each performance:
dried fruit, biscuits…

Large bottles of water.

An ironing board and an iron.


Accommodation is to be provided for 8 people in a calm area in the centre of town (close to the performance area), in a 2-star hotel minimum.
A secure parking area is needed to park a 2 m x 1.20 m trailer.

previous dates

In France

La Rampe -  Scène conventionnée danse et musiques, Echirolles (38)
Train Théâtre - Scène conventionnée chanson, Portes-lès-Valence (26)
Théâtre de Cusset, Cusset (03)
Théâtre de Die, Die (26)
Festival Off d'Avignon, Avignon (84)
Festival international de théâtre de rue  – Le Parapluie, C.N.A.R.,  Aurillac (15)
Festival Chalon dans la Rue L’abattoir, C.N.A.R., Chalon-sur-Saône (71)
Festival Coup de Chauffe - L’Avant Scène conventionnée pour la Danse,  Cognac (16)
Festival Cratère Surface - Le Cratère Scène Nationale
, Alès (30)
Temps Fort de Quelques p’Arts… le SOAR, C.N.A.R., Félines (07)
Festival les Envies Rhônements - C.N.A.R, Salins-de-Giraud (13)
Festival Furies, Châlons-en-champagne (51)
Festival Rencontre entre les mondes, Chabeuil (26)
Théâtre le Petit Carré d’Art, Saint-Affrique (12)
Le 1er Mai du Familistère, Guise (02)
La Folle Histoire des Arts de la Rue, Saint-Rémy-de-Provence (13)
Festival au Village, Brioux-sur-Boutonne (79)
Festival Onze Bouge, Paris 11e (75)
Festival Roulez Carros, Carros (06)
Festival de Grands Chemins, Ax-les-Thermes (09)
Festival Cergy, Soit !, Cergy-Pontoise (95)
Festival les Pontempeyresques, Usson-en-Forez (42)
Festival les 3 Eléphants, Laval (53)
Festival Eclat(s) de rue, Caen (14)

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